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We at QED Legal like to provide a personal and professional service. As a result we have found that the ubiquitous salary survey has become outdated and of limited use. As an employer you want to know what the market rate is for a certain level of lawyer with a certain billings level and certain skills. We don’t think that a salary survey that gives broad salary bandings such as : “Associate 3-6 years - £40-£60k” helps anyone and in fact causes confusion about potential worth in the market. As an individual you want to know accurately what you are worth. Everyone brings something different – it could be a following or a language or a scientific background.

We prefer to give accurate guidance to firms and individuals on their worth in monetary terms. We are happy to provide information at any time. Please contact us in confidence or complete the form below. The following information helps us provide a more accurate assessment of correct salary level in the market:

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