CV Advice

Quick Response 

Firstly let’s finally bury the urban myth that a CV should only be on two pages. As a lawyer, especially if you have significant experience, you will have extensive information to include under the ‘Education and Qualifications’ section and your ‘Employment History’ should be fully fleshed out to give a detailed breakdown and examples of your caseload, interesting, notable or tricky cases you have been involved with, billing or billable hours history, work you have introduced to the firm, any following you have, management experience, marketing experience, reason for leaving and current salary and package. It can be daunting putting together a CV if it has been a long time since you last did one. Provided you can provide the following information to us, even if just in an email, we would be more than happy to assemble a CV for you – it’s what we do!

  • Name
  • Area of law you specialise in
  • Year qualified / number of years experience
  • Education & Qualifications – right back to GCSE’s/ ‘O’ Levels including grades
  • Details of each firm you have worked at (most recent first) including name, dates and position as well as reason for leaving
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